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Do you have an upcoming event? If so, LagoRadio wants to help get your message out!

LagoRadio does not currently accept paid advertising in the traditional sense. For example, if you are a business looking to sell something, we can't help you. On the other hand, if you are a non-profit, educational enterprise, or social club, then we absoultely can! (think Hill Country Singers, Lions Club, Scouts, etc etc.) As long as you're not a "For Profit" business, LagoRadio wants to broadcast your message all over the North Shore.

LagoRadio has professonal producers and writers ready to turn your information into a compelling message, so please send us the following when subitting your content: WHO are you or your group, WHAT do you wish to convey, and WHERE and WHEN
is your event? We also encourage people to voice their own message and we make it easy by coming to you!

Political groups and churches are also welcome to announce their events with the following caveat: LagoRadio will not mention or broadcast the endorsement of any candidate, propostion, bill or measure etc. Likewise, we'll gladly promote your church's fish fry, food giveaway, or Trunk or Treat on Halloween etc, however we will not promote religious events or regular worship dates/times.

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