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LagoRadio ONLINE is a 24/7/365 Hit Music station featuring the biggest songs of the 60s, 70s & 80s totally commercial free! Whether in the heart of Lago Vista or atop the Eiffel Tower, if you're online, desktop or mobile, you're on LagoRadio!
LagoRadio ON-AIR broadcasts at 1670/AM and features everything on the stream EXCEPT the music!

The History of Lago Radio

Lago Radio Logo
LagoRadio is a Low Power AM staton (LPAM) licensed by the FCC to provide information to citizens and tourists about local news, weather and upcoming events, etc. Its other, and arguably more essential purpose, is to provide information to citizens in the event of an emergency such as fire, floods, storms, snow day, school closures and the like.

LagoRadio also streams a Hit Music Station online featuring everythng mentioned above PLUS the biggest hit songs of the 60s, 70s, & 80s making it ideal for listening all day! Local retailers are encouraged to keep LagoRadio playing in their businesses too, after all, why pay for a monthly music service when you can enjoy LagoRadio for free?
LagoRadio transmits from an antenna high above the Lago Vista Police Station with the primary production studio near Village Center. These locations provide easy access to the studio as well as immediate access by the police department in times of emergency.

LagoRadio is offered by the City of Lago Vista to citizens of, and visitors to, the North Shore of beautiful Lake Travis. Over a thousand such stations across the country serve small, rural municipalities like ours. What sets LagoRadio apart is that its content is produced in a broadcast quality production studio by a 35 year veteran of the Los Angeles and San Francisco radio wars, and its transmitter/antenna is specifically tuned to leverage every last ounce of power. Almost no other such station enjoys these features!
Lago Radio Production Studio
LagoRadio was born of the need for North Shore residents and visitors to be aware of the many cultural, political and entertainment events constantly unfolding in our communities. Announcements might include things like The Hill Country Singers are coming to the PAC…the Vikings take on Manor at home Friday night…don’t forget the City Council meeting next Thursday…the 4th of July picnic is next Sunday at Bar-K, etc, etc…the possibilities are endless.

Down the road we envision special shows like “A Minute with the Mayor”, “A Message from Chief Danny”, and maybe even a Vikings football game.
Lago Radio Coverage Map
There is no limit to the number of announcements we could have rotating at any one time. From our large theatre arts community and active political factions to our many schools and churches, the city’s definitive media solution has proven elusive…until now.

LagoRadio is available everywhere, all the time, in your home or car, on your computer or mobile device, and with all the Hit Music we grew up with and the most definitive calendar of North Shore events, you are ALWAYS plugged in!

Check out LagoRadio/1670AM or LagoRadio ONLINE to hear all about the many wonderful events and activities coming up in Lago Vista and our surrounding communities.

Bookmark the LagoRadio Player for one-touch listening anytme...anywhere!!

Lago Vista and other North Shore communities offer an extraordinary wealth of activities from the Arts to Zoology. With our professionally designed, tournament level golf course, a Broadway quality theatre company, active political and church groups of all stripes, and many wonderful and diverse restaurants, the North Shore offers everything you need for a calm weekend getaway or a peaceful, relaxing lifestyle.

The History of Lago Vista

Welcome to Lago Vista Video
Amazingly, the first known inhabitants of the North Shore can be traced back 10,000-15,000 years with the 1983 discovery of the pre-historic, "Leanderthal Lady", a five foot tall, 18-25 year old woman named after the North Shore village of Leander, near which she was discovered.

Populated through at least a dozen millennia by many Native Indian tribes, most notably Apache & Comanche (and many sovereign nations as well, ie: Spain, France, Mexico), control of the greater Central Texas area was fought over for centuries with the modern era beginning in the 1500s. In 1831 “The Father of Texas”, Stephen F. Austin, settled 800 families in the area known at the time as the city of Austin’s “Upper Colonies”, and it was from there that the current story of Lago Vista and the North Shore community began.
Early families with instantly recognizable names including Lohman, Smithwick, Sylvester, and others, established commerce in the area with the famous “Lohmann’s Bridge” (aka: Crossing or Ford) constructed in 1931 to facilitate easy travel between the North and South shore of the Colorado River. The bridge, and many homesteads and farms were submerged under what came to be called “Lake Travis” upon the 1941 construction of the Marshal Ford Dam, quickly renamed the Mansfield Dam after a prominent local congressman.

Prior to construction of the dam, local residents were at the mercy of the “Feast or Famine” nature of the river with irregular floods and droughts wreaking havoc on the local infrastructure. Establishment of the LCRA* in 1934 initiated the process of multiple dams being constructed along the Colorado River to serve as both water storage and flood control measures while providing a steady reliable source of drinking water for residents of the North Shore as well as the growing population of greater Austin. (* Lower Colorado River Authority)
Not surprisingly, the creation of Lake Travis increased the autonomy of the North Shore with bridges to the South submerged and new roads required to reach the increasingly isolated areas of Lago Vista and other North Shore communities.

Construction workers who built the numerous infrastructure projects in the 40s and 50s fell in love with the area and chose to resettle here. With reliable access restored, World War Two vets and other military retirees began moving to Lago Vista in the 50s & 60s to enjoy the quiet refuge. Developers took a strong interest in the Hill Country’s beauty and the recreational opportunities Lake Travis would provide. Jonestown began to grow about this time as well, and FM1431 was upgraded to facilitate modern traffic. Over time, bus service to Austin was initiated.
1980s attempts by the City of Austin to annex the North Shore communities were abruptly halted when Lago Vista, Jonestown & Point Venture all voted to individually incorporate. Now, in 2019, the North Shore is a thriving, growing triad of communities with everything from a large, regional supermarket and a national pharmacy chain, to dozens of small owner operated businesses from auto repair to zoological retail!

The North Shore also boasts a prolific arts community with the iconic, 80 voice Hill Country Singers, the large-scale broadway productions of Lake Travis Music Theatre, the boutique Lago Vista Players, and the classic Twilight Concerts high on the hill overlooking the lake. Our schools rank in the Top Five percent for ALL of Texas, the cost of living is among the lowest in the country, property values continue to climb and, though ours is a quiet little community, the major urban center of Austin is just 35 minutes away!